The Plus Size Manifesto

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At navabi we believe it is our mission to champion the cause of ‘plus size’. We have fought this cause for several years now, and over that time we believe that society and the fashion industry are changing for the better as a result of the work of plus size women, of fashion brands, and of retailers pushing to change the world.

Things have improved, but we are not yet there. Magazines still focus on a narrow selection of body images; designers still produce most of their samples in very small sizes; many retailers still stock a very small selection of plus size (if at all).

To further the cause of plus size women, and to help editors, designers, fashion brands, non-plus bloggers, and the general public to further the cause with us, we have defined the following Plus Size Manifesto.

The idea of ‘plus size’ and all that goes with it does not exist within a bubble. We believe by following this manifesto, we can influence the wider world, and help achieve a better society for plus size women, and for the young girls who look up to them.

If you have ideas on things we’ve missed or that we should change in this draft manifesto, please contact us! We’re most easy to reach via Twitter, so tweet us at @navabiFashion.


All women regardless of size should be able to engage with fashion and to express themselves through their style. 

Style is not defined by size

Style has no size, and plus size women are as interested in fashion and are as stylish as women who shop non-plus ranges.


Clothes should be designed for plus size women with the belief that they are as diverse and multi-faceted as anyone else and that they are entitled to expect the best in terms of both quality and the latest trends.


The major design houses should stop largely ignoring the 25 per cent of women who are size 18 and over and extend their ranges to plus size – and not just in a few basic styles.


Plus size women have a right to see themselves reflected in the magazines they buy. Brands and the media have a responsibility to end the under representation – and near invisibility – of plus size women in fashion magazines and on the catwalk, by producing collections and samples in plus sizes and featuring plus size models in fashion shoots and shows.


Plus size women should be hired at all levels within the fashion media and the fashion industry so their voices can be heard and their experiences can be used to influence decision-making.


That the constant media obsession with dieting and almost exclusive use of a particular size of model (usually size 8) puts negative pressure on young women in particular and undermines their confidence. Plus size girls and women are not only entitled to be happy with their weight and looks but to know that society accepts them too.


That the outstanding achievements of plus size women in their careers and lives should be celebrated in the media to provide inspiration to all women.


As much care and attention should be given to women at the higher end of the plus size range as is given to those at the lower end. Women should never be sized out of the right to express themselves and be treated with respect.


Plus size women do not exist as a single entity, and any representation needs to take into account the many different identities and experiences.

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Bethany Rutter

Editor: Bethany Rutter

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