New Year's Style Resolutions

Take on the new year with a new style resolution. What do you want to change about your wardrobe? We ask five stylish plus size women for their 2016 resolutions.

Editor: Bethany Rutter

The beginning of the year is a clean page. If you could take a fresh approach to your wardrobe, what would be your priority? I asked four of my plus size blogger friends what their style resolution for 2016 will be (and added one of my own). One of the most interesting outcomes is that we all want to change our philosophies on fashion rather than pledging not to wear something or to buy a specific item or trend. How do we want to change our approaches to style? Read on…

My style new year’s resolution is to dress for myself, not how anyone else thinks I should dress.

Cathy Bouris, blogger at SilverScreenBeautyQueens

My new year’s style resolution is to invest in signature, timeless pieces that can be worn over and over again.

Stephanie Yeboah, blogger at NerdAboutTown

I want to edit my closet and buy less, but better.  Every single year, I buy way too many things but not many of them feel like standouts. This year, I want to change that and have every piece be a knock-out.

Amanda Scriver, blogger at AmaScriver

My 2016 style resolution is to only buy things that fit with my style. Not the style I wish I had, or clothes I think are nice but not very me. It’ll make dressing loads easier and save money.

Bethany Rutter, social content executive at navabi

I want to work on getting my wardrobe smaller. I’ll donate anything I haven’t worn in six months, and before I buy anything, think about if it’ll work with at least 5 outfits.

Charlotte Curtis, blogger at BlackHeartCreatives


Bethany Rutter

Editor: Bethany Rutter

Social content executive at navabi. Body-positive warrior and fashion obsessive. Likes looks and books.

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