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Five pieces of brilliant plus size media

Plus size women get a bit of a raw deal in the media, so we salute the people who are, little by little, making it a better place with their voices, views and experiences.

Editor: Bethany Rutter

Here are five pieces of media that treat plus size women right…

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy is an utterly wonderful book. It’s sweet and funny and compassionate, and has not one but two brilliant fat heroines. Set in a small Texas town, it tells the story of a fat girl who enters a beauty pageant essentially to spite her mother, but there’s so much more to it than that. A main plus size character who’s given a romantic storyline? Revolutionary.

The Book:


The Podcast:

Bad Fat Broads

I’m grateful it was KC and Ariel who took the idea for a fat-positive podcast and ran with it, because boy did they run with it. Bad Fat Broads is utterly unapologetic, totally fearless, occasionally rude as hell, and really genuinely brilliant. They cover everything from ill-advised statements from plus size ‘spokeswomen’ to dating to shopping. Listening to Bad Fat Broads must be like eavesdropping on conversations between my friendship group. But better.

If Bad Fat Broads is a raucous, deliciously chaotic chat between enthusiastic friends, then the Dear Virgie advice column is the heart-to-heart with your most sensitive pal. Virgie Tovar is life-alteringly wonderful, and capable of framing issues in ways I hadn’t thought of before. Her advice is always thoughtful, balanced and kind and makes me feel more capable of helping myself and others.

The Advice Column:

Dear Virgie

The Anthology:

Hot & Heavy

The original and still kinda the best, Hot & Heavy came out in 2012 and gathered together a whole load of personal writing from different sources that attempted to create a picture of fat existence in the 21st century that wasn’t bogged down with all the cliches that construct the mainstream image of being a plus size woman. It’s a testament to the diversity of experiences, desires, highs and lows that create the patchwork that makes up our lives.

I would expect that fat women would either be totally absent from the Magic Mike films (because why would hot dudes want to so much as breathe near fat women) or be used for laughs. But all the plus size women at the shows in MMXXL are portrayed as loving life, having fun, and fully participating in the whole experience. Plus, the convenience store scene, aka the scene from any film ever that makes me the happiest, is about a hot stripper dude trying to impress a chubby, unglamorous woman.

The Movie:

Magic Mike XXL

Bethany Rutter

Editor: Bethany Rutter

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