Meet the stars of our Style in Curve x navabi shoot

We sat down with the ladies who kicked up a storm in front of the camera to get the lowdown on their newly styled looks.

Editor: Sarah Ridge

Photography: Michael Chapman

To kickoff our supporting plus size women series we asked founder of online styling service Style in Curve and blogger Chloe Elliott to put together three looks for three navabi customers. Here we share our favourite pictures from the shoot and talk to Adwoa, Maryam and Lauren about their experience and highlights.

Meet Lauren

Age: 30

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager

Describes her style as: “Uninspired at the moment! I’m a huge fan of black and white stripes, pinafore dresses, hats and oversized knitwear. My overall style is inspired by the likes of Francoise Hardy and Jean Seberg. Or so I hope!”

What was it like being styled by Chloe?

“Chloe was amazing. She was genuinely as excited to show me her choices as I was to see them! Her positivity and energy is infectious – she’s wonderful.”

Did you like the outfits she chose for you?

“I loved everything that Chloe chose, which is great because I can be extremely fussy about what I feel I look good in. The outfit with the striped jumper dress and pink coat was the most surprising. I definitely wouldn’t have ever picked the dress for myself, but I loved it.”

If you had to pick your favourite outfit from the day, which one would it be?

“I liked them all so it’s really hard to choose. My favourite would have to be the black dress with the blue coat. I would personally choose similar dresses for nights out, but pairing it with the blue coat and red bag gave it a really elegant, yet edgy vibe. I loved the colours!”

Meet Adwoa

Age: 23

Occupation: Student Liaison Officer at SOAS

Describes her style as:  “Very glam and bold. I love faux fur, velvet, prints and bold colours but I also love to swag up basics with accessories and bold make-up. I also love to bring in my culture to my outfits, so often wear African prints.”

What did you like most about how Chloe styled you?

“That I just would never have picked any of those outfits, but they really worked.”

Any favourite pieces?

“If an item was to encapsulate my personality, I’d say it was the faux fur star coat. I’m probably going to wear it every day.”

What was your favourite part of the shoot?

“The whole thing was wonderful. From start to end I had such a lovely time and everyone was so sweet, welcoming and complimentary. I felt really comfortable and happy.”

Meet Maryam

Age: 34

Occupation: Director and Curator for TEDxLondon and the Director of X Equals Productions

Describes her style as: “Heavily influenced by my mood. You are as likely to see me in all black as you are in colours and patterns. Regardless, I feel most myself when I’m put together and comfortable – I live in flats! My look needs to make a statement, with high quality fabrics and distinct detail without being fussy or high maintenance.”

Was there anything Chloe picked that you wouldn’t have thought to choose yourself?
“Until very recently I only wore dresses and skirts, I could never find any jeans or trousers that were comfortable (other than leggings!). There are so many more plus size good quality options nowadays that I’ve finally started to diversify my wardrobe. So I was really excited that Chloe picked one look with jeans and one with trousers, because I still find it difficult to know what will look good, be my style and be comfortable. I was also really surprised by how many amazing shirts she found me, since I’ve been on the hunt for a good white shirt for ages.”
Do you have a favourite outfit?
“This is a hard one, because honestly I loved all three outfits and could see myself wearing all of them. If I had to pick one it would be the jeans, white shirt and patterned coat because I’ve always wanted to have more put together but casual looks and this one was perfect! I could see myself wearing it to meetings with clients and out to dinner with friends. It makes a statement without being too fussy.”
What was it like being styled by Chloe?
“Chloe was wonderful and has such a skill at being able to style three very different women in ways that brought out each of our personalities and made the whole experience really enjoyable.”

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