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Free Returns

We regret that you are not satisfied with your purchase. We would like to make the return process as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible. After receipt of your purchase you have up to 90 days to return your order (without prejudice to your statutory right to cancel).

Return Instructions

Step 1

Please fill out the packing slip.

Step 2

Place the packing slip (or a copy) in the parcel, so the warehouse can assign the order to your account.

Step 3

Please remove/black out any old labels and barcodes before you attach the return label to the parcel and take it to your local Post Office.

Please do not combine returns of different orders in one return. Each order needs to be returned individually. Please make sure you keep the proof of postage until the returns have been booked.

As we offer free returns, please always use the included label.

If the return label was missing, please find below an alternative option:

Printing a return label

Please click on the following link to print your free return label. Enter your address information to ship the parcel back to us (our address will be added automatically).

Return Label