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Is there a fashion blog that inspires you? One that always features the newest trends and presents stylish outfits? Have any fashion blogs come to mind? Let the world know and join our campaign. Share the love

Here's what to do - Enter your favourite blog into the form and introduce your blog of choice to the community. Describe what you like about the blog in a blog post on you site. It doesn´t matter how big the blog or how many followers it has, as long as it talks about fashion and lifestyle.


It´s simple: the things that you like will probably be liked by others. Half the fun of nice things is sharing them with others. We can learn from one another and see what is happening in the blogosphere, as well as discover new blogs from all over the world; finding out what moves and inspires these fashionistas.


Give love and you shall receive. You will be able to see new blogs that you haven´t yet read. These bloggers will have the opportunity to gain attention and followers. Perhaps you have ideas and suggestions about what is missing from the fashion world and, in particular, the plus size industry. With your help, we together can put these ideas in motion.

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