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The German label designs stylish fashion that effortlessly unites classic cuts with trendy elements. Get ready to fall for their smart office wear, casual denim looks and comfortable jersey pieces.
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Samoon by Gerry Weber

SAMOON by GERRY WEBER represents casual fashion for women who love on-trend cuts, sophisticated fabric and an exceptional fit. The styles in sizes 42-54 accentuate femininity. By interpreting current trends, curves are placed in the limelight to emphasise a new, self-confident body image.

The company

GERRY WEBER International AG, with its headquarters in Halle, Westfalen, is a global company that combines four powerful labels under one roof: GERRY WEBER, TAIFUN, SAMOON by GERRY WEBER and HALLHUBER.

Since it was founded in 1973, GERRY WEBER International AG has developed into one of the most famous fashion and lifestyle companies, with almost 1,270 own stores and sales areas worldwide, over 2,500 retail spaces and 270 franchise stores as well as online brand stores in nine countries. Their strong position as a global player helps the company to steadily expand. The group, along with approximately 7,000 employees worldwide through distribution channels in 62 countries, is one of the largest fashion companies in Germany.

With strong collections and know-how from the retail business, GERRY WEBER International AG operates worldwide as a close partner for franchisees and retailers. Moscow, Dubai, Toronto, Vienna – The GERRY WEBER Group has a global presence.

At the beginning of the extraordinary success story of GERRY WEBER International AG in 1973, the vision of fashion, lifestyle and adventure held an original combination. Through intuition, a strong team and the vision and determination of the founder, an international fashion and lifestyle company was born. The four strong fashion labels, GERRY WEBER, TAIFUN, SAMOON by GERRY WEBER and HALLHUBER, inspire women around the world and represent a vibrant lifestyle – exciting, modern and irresistibly feminine.

The collection

"The topic of fashion does not stop at a certain size. Our customer wants to follow the fashion trends with a lot of self-confidence, we aim to give her a new feeling in this area," Heike Dahl Meier, product manager of SAMOON by GERRY WEBER, describes her motivation. Blouses, trousers, blazers, jackets, coats, dresses and knitwear – the label presents an extensive portfolio of different styles in their collections. As the luxurious SAMOON fashion is specially designed for women with typical female curves, the garmetns provide inspiration with a visually figure-flattering effect, concealing small problem areas skillfully by drawing attention to refined accents instead. Alongside an innovative, flattering cut, as well as an intelligent colour selection, the fashion offers unique quality. The colour themes of the collections are chosen in a way that guarantees high combinability for individual style.

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