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From silk to chiffon, the blouse is the
indispensable fashion item that goes with everything

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Blouses have come out of the shadows to become not just an essential item, but a veritable fashion phenomenon. They’ve ditched their dusty image and now we couldn’t do without them. From an elegant chiffon blouse to wear with sharp trousers for work, to a sporty blouse to wear at the gym, blouses have every style and situation covered.

Flowery, ruffled, transparent, sleeveless, floaty, athletic - there’s an incredible array of designs to choose from, just waiting to be styled up with your favourite skirt or pair of jeans. Sensual silk blouses are the ultimate expression of pure femininity, while special status is reserved for the classic white blouse, so beloved of the fashion elite that it’s become a truth universally acknowledged that every woman should own one.

The versatility of blouses is what makes them so popular. Wear them the way you want to and don’t be afraid to break the fashion rules. Go collarless for an androgynous style that’s perfect for the professional look, or stick with tradition with a classic shape to match casual jeans. Even better, have one of each and your wardrobe will want for nothing.

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