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This delicate Manon Baptiste top with spaghetti straps feels like a gentle breeze on your skin.
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Layered spaghetti strap top in Lilac designed by Manon Baptiste to find in Category Tops at navabi.de

Layered spaghetti strap top

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The mannequin is equivalent to a woman who is 5′9″ tall and wears a navabi-size 16 according to our measurement chart.

  • soft chiffon layers
  • lining from jersey
  • spaghetti straps
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Description & details
This delicate Manon Baptiste top with spaghetti straps feels like a gentle breeze on your skin. With a stronger cotton jersey bottom layer and slightly shorter more delicate chiffon top layers, this piece exudes femininity. The wide a-line cut and soft nature of the fabric allow it to cling to your every curve, following every move of your body creating a sexy feminine silhouette. Furthermore the loose cut falls nicely, covering waist and hips.
  • soft chiffon layers
  • lining from jersey
  • spaghetti straps
  • loose cut
  • hand wash
Lining: 95% cotton, 5% elastane | 100% polyester
Did you know?

Cotton: is a smooth, natural fibre that is hypo-allergenic which means that it creates a balanced climate against the skin instead of irritating it, making it suitable for those prone to allergic reactions. Special treatments such as mercerisation improve the positive properties of cotton.

Chiffon: is an extremely feminine fabric that is adored for its elegant, sheer appearance. The light, plain weave of the fabric gives it a soft and fluid drape. Chiffon can be made of either polyester or silk.

Jersey: is a knitted fabric that most often has an extremely fine surface which is distinguished by its high degree of elasticity. The resulting comfort is what makes jersey so popular.

Elastane: is known for its exceptional elasticity. The fibres maintain their original strength and retain their shape and colour even after regular washing.

Size & Fit

In this chart, you will find the exact measurements of the selected item. In addition to the navabi size, the manufacturer sizes are also included in case you have already had experience with a particular designer.

manufacturer size
Bust width 18.7 20.3 22.6 25
Waist width 23.4 25 27.3 29.6
Length 31.2 31.2 31.2 31.2
Hip width 31.2 32.8 35.1 37.4
To make matters as simple as possible, we measure all of the items that we offer and then assign each item its own navabi size within our sizing system. The advantage here is that it makes it unnecessary to switch between different sizing systems from different designers, for example "M, L, XL or 1, 2, 3". Instead, all the sizes are uniform, for example 18-20. You can use the navabi sizes for every order as a point of reference when deciding which size would be best to choose in our shop. Should you still be interested in the original manufacturer size, then you can find this size in the item measurements in addition to the navabi size.
Manon Baptiste designs with the modern woman in mind, offering creativity and sophistication in every cut. The latest collection extends the label’s expertise with contemporary silhouettes crafted in delicate lace, sumptuous jersey and heavenly chiffon.